Karlene Grinham

- teaching Principal

Mrs Grinham is a woman of proven integrity and in all areas of her life demonstrates a passion for healthy community and relationships.  She is an intriguing mix of being bold and courageous as well as fun-loving and a little ‘out there’ crazy, looking for opportunities to have a joke and encourage others to celebrate achievments.

Mrs G. has an amazing ability to communicate with students, and enjoys mentoring them to develop positive, assertive skills in this area.  She is a fair, supportive leader, with true leadership qualities that are a blend of being humble, confident, firm and relational.

I see the Principal as really kind and lovely. She cares about everything and deals with any problems. I really love my principal.
— Marilla Grade 4

Mrs G. is gifted in her ability to understand things with a perceptive awareness of the psychology of issues that surround and underpin situations.  She boldly acknowledges that this is something God has enabled her with and sincerely enjoys journeying through experiences with students and their parents.

Quality Christian education excites Mrs G. influencing in her leadership and teaching in the classroom and throughout the school.

Karlene has a long-term, solid Christian foundation, with a faith that informs who she is and how she functions as a person, a Principal, teacher, wife and mother. 

Karlene is passionate about God and her relationship with Him, and obeying what He has called her to do.



Matthew Lake


Mr Lake is a man of noble character.  He is consistently reliable, diligent and steadfast.  The students really enjoy being with him, and these character traits help to create a place of safety for them.  Our students benefit greatly from such a solid male role model and the staff love who he is and what he contributes to the team.

For the students, their experience with Mr Lake brings an intrinsic respect and admiration, helping to build a sense of trust and dependability. The learning environment Matt fosters in the high school is one of focus, purpose and enjoyment - a great mix.

Mr Lake is an interesting mix of talents and abilities.  He teaches Maths with excitement and interest. He teaches Food Technology and loves it.  He takes groups of High School students trekking through the bush, climbing and roughing it.  He’s passionate about Science and how God’s nature is tied in to every facet of the world of Science. He enjoys taking time to observe, appreciate and photograph the world around him.  

Mr Lake joins in the learning with us. He doesn’t just give us instructions. He helps us too.
— Eden & Matt Grade 7

Matt has a visible passion for his family and loves spending time with them. The love for his children motivates him in his care for other people's. 

Mr Lake is a great asset for our school community, for what he brings academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.  We are blessed to have him as a part of our staffing team.


Kym Thompson 


Mrs Thompson carries a sweetness and light that her students warm to.  This is complimented by her nurturing reliability that enables children, especially young children, to feel safe and that they can count on her.

One of Mrs Thompson's personal interests is education. Her own love of learning impacts her classroom and students in such a way that learning is a delight and pleasure for all.

Mrs Thompson teaches really well. We do lots of fun things and that helps me learn.
— Cassidy Kindergarten

Mrs Thompson is such a lovely, warm and caring person, who is dedicated to the development of the complete young child.  Her academic understanding of how young children learn is comprehensive, setting her students up with excellent foundations for their academic development.  Preparing the way for a positive school journey.

Kym's passion for Christian education and her personal love for God are foundations for her Godly character. Kym is loved and cherished by our students and valued highly by staff for her professionalism and steadfast commitment to the school community and her lovely family.




Miss Porter is a conscientious professional who continually ‘goes above and beyond’ until the task is completed at an excellent standard.  She is a woman of integrity, persistence and patience.

Miss Porter makes our homework fun. The work is interesting and interactive.
— Kyla-Jay Grade 7

The individual student is important to Robyn and she demonstrates this by meeting their specific learning needs and connecting with them through conversations and understanding about their interests. Miss Porter's individualised and deliberate feedback for the students allows them to understand what steps to take next to improve.

Robyn is a dedicated follower of Jesus and through her honest sharing of her passion to hear God's guidance in her own life, she is a great example to students.

Miss Porter is an amazingly gifted artist in her own right and fastidiously incorporates this into the core subjects developing learning experiences for students to explore and embrace creativity. Her ability to blend a creative approach, supported feedback and high expectations provide the learning environment for all students to flourish.




Miss Gallagher is the nicest person I’ve ever met. I like her reward system.
— Jackson Grade 4

This is Serena Gallagher’s first year with Hinterland, teaching the Grades 3 - 6 class with valour and passion on Fridays’ at our school.

Miss Gallgher has a background of being trained in Secondary English, has spent an extended period of time teaching SRE at a local High School, and now finds herself mostly teaching Maths in the days she isn’t at Hinterland.

She finds great delight in educating the Intermediate Class on Fridays as it gives her the opportunity to not only teach English, and Maths, but SRE and History as well! 

Serena is a sincere, kind and energetic person whose caring approach to all her relationships flows into her classroom learning experiences and provides a safe space for students to grow and learn.


sandy shipway

- teachers' aide

Sandy is understanding and very helpful. She is just so pleasant. She has a lovely, sunny disposition.
— Ronin Grade 4

Sandy is a valuable member of our staff team.  She works with both the students and teachers - supporting the students in specific learning skills, enhancing their in-class learning.  Sandy's ability to come alongside the students in a mix of strong guidance and sweet understanding, provides a safe place for the student to grow in ares of need.


debra ferguson



I love her passion for books and her passion for children to read books.
— Naomi Grade 8

Every Friday morning Mrs Ferguson arrives at Hinterland with a beaming smile and positive manner that is completely contagious.  Debra is an avid reader who simply loves God, loves books and loves children reading books.

Mrs Ferguson takes seriously the responsibility of resourcing our beautiful library with current, relevant, uplifting books.  She is always on the hunt for the next interest grabbing, quality book to add to our collection. When Debra's excitement for books and her passion for children is coupled the result is a buzz of enthusiastic children keen for their next good read. 


Kathy Gauci

-Office Assistant

Miss Kathy brings to our staff team a beautiful ability to mix her empathetic approach to relationships with her efficient and reliable office skills.  She is a valuable member of our team, working 2 days a week in our Front Office.  Kathy is our "go to person" for many admin organisational areas, taking on all these tasks with a smile and a laugh. 

Kathy has a real desire for all people to get to know Jesus and the peace He can bring to their lives.  Her dedication to her relationship with Him is evident in her relationships within Hinterland Christian College as she happily takes the time to listen and pray for our community members. 

Miss Kathy is welcoming, smiley and kind to all of us.
— Sierra, Kyla-Jay and Montana