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Our Values


Christ Centred

- of who we are and what we do

In all of our interactions with those around us and in our community we demonstrate the grace and mercy of Jesus. No matter who it is we are speaking to,our words and actions show the love Jesus has for them.


Culture of Excellence

- in our study and in our lives

Building a culture of excellence means we aim for excellence in every aspect of our lives. This includes not only our studies but also our relationships, our hearts and our minds. We believe God wants the best for us and not lead a life of mediocrity. We want every student, family and staff member to excel in every aspect of their lives and flourish in life.


Authentic Relationships

- with students and peers

When we talk about authentic relationships, we mean healthy, strong and honest relationships that would be seen as 'good' in the eyes of God. Strong, supportive relationships for all members of our community; students, parents/carers and staff. To be authentic is to love and support the person you are with, no matter what life throws at you, respecting them along the way. We demonstrate this with our speech and actions towards others and supporting parents, students and staff so that they can flourish in life.


Care for the World

- being good stewards of the world

We believe that God has created this world for us to enjoy as well as to look after. We passionately teach this generation of young people how to care for the world around them and equip them to create a better future for them and their families.


The Living Word

- we are a Bible-based community

At Hinterland, we stand on the Word of God and its scriptures as foundational and life transforming. We believe that the Bible is God breathed and our handbook for wise choices and joyful living. We acknowledge our dependence on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live as God intended. We are Bible based.

"The staff have created a beautiful school culture that is inclusive, loving, supportive and friendly. I love that our kids have formed strong friendships and that they have such a beautiful green environment to spend their breaks in! Our kids are keen to go each day, and that in itself is a huge win!"

Alana • Parent

What Hinterland parents are saying


“ I have been hugely impressed by the caliber of teaching at Hinterland Christain college. My sons confidence has grown and he talks happily of his school environment, teachers and the wide range of activities in his school day. As a parent my only regret was not discovering the school sooner! ”

Elizabeth & Luke

“Karlene Grinham excels in the position of school principal, covering many areas of responsibility and yet having personal knowledge of each child. Kym teaches with patience, kindness and gentleness. The team at Hinterland Christian College is continually considerate and supportive of our daughter’s health and learning. We are ever grateful that we are able to have her at Hinterland Christian College where the essential one to one interactions are productive and group experiences are enjoyable.”


“Hinterland is a community first. A place where the ethical and moral development of my child has a value equal to any academic, sporting and artistic endeavour. This is a place my son can grow holistically. He has been happy from the very first day he started.”


“I’m so grateful for the positive, fun, nurturing and family feel of Hinterland. The beautiful physical environment reflects the heartbeat of the school. The teachers are relational and engaging. The standard education is excellent. It’s a gem in our Shire. I’d love to encourage more families to enrol their children in the school and become a part of the Hinterland Community.”

Meet our lovely staff

Mrs Karlene Grinham

Teaching Principal
Mrs G. is gifted in her perceptive awareness and has a strong ability to communicate with students, mentoring them to develop positive, assertive skills in this area. She is a fair, supportive leader, with true leadership qualities that are a blend of being humble, confident, firm and relational. Mrs G boldly acknowledges that this is something God has enabled her with and sincerely enjoys journeying through experiences with students and their parents. Quality Christian education excites Mrs G. influencing her leadership and teaching in the classroom and throughout the school. She is a woman of proven integrity and in all areas of her life demonstrates a passion for healthy community and relationships.
Mrs Karlene Grinham

Teaching Team

Mrs Eliza Ferguson

Mrs Eliza Ferguson

Mrs Fergo is a vibrant, enthusiastic and joy-filled woman who delights in working with students. She approaches all learning with enthusiasm and a desire to make learning accessible by all her students across all their learning styles. Education is vitally important to Mrs Fergo, who is a keen learner herself. Her ability to develop interesting and meaningful learning experiences, and her on-going celebration of new learning, combine to provide an environment seeking excellence in education and character.
Mrs Erica Hales

Mrs Erica Hales

Mrs Hales is a passionate Music teacher who enjoys exploring. She is an enthusiastic lifelong learner who demonstrates the importance of learning in her own profession, modelling to students the benefits of this approach. Mrs Hales’ passion for Christian education and her personal love for God are foundations for her Godly character. She is a passionate musician who delights in creativity and encourages her students to explore this in their learning.
Mrs Kylie Parmenter-Kelly

Mrs Kylie Parmenter-Kelly

Mrs Kelly brings a sense of adventure and fun to her classes with her 'out-of-the-box' thinking and deliberately gets to know her students on a personal level. Her caring and grounded manner with the students facilitates her building meaningful relationships. Mrs Kelly holds strongly to her personal interest in education, exploring new approaches and content with enthusiasm. Her own love of learning impacts her classroom and students in such a way that learning is a delight.
Stuart McKerihan

Stuart McKerihan

Secondary Teacher
Mr. Mac is a grounded, authentic, passionate man who desires for students to feel welcome, safe and loved. He brings a calmness and joy into the classroom that allows students to work efficiently and gain the best out of each lesson. Education is undoubtedly important to Mr. Mac ensures that students both learn, share and are heard in the classroom and teaches through varying learning styles. Mr. Mac’s passionate heart for the Lord is displayed throughout his everyday actions, conversations and teaching.

Support Team

Mrs Eden Barr

Mrs Eden Barr

Learning Enrichment Assistant
Mrs Barr is an enthusiastic, bubbly member of the team. Her eagerness to see each child enjoy their learning and celebrate their successful steps along the way encourages students in their journey. Eden’s joy filled manner is a welcomed delight and contributes to the overall upbeat feeling throughout the College.
Mrs Sandy Shipway

Mrs Sandy Shipway

Teachers' Aide
Sandy works with both the students and teachers - supporting the students in specific learning skills, enhancing their in-class learning. Sandy's ability to come alongside the students in a mix of strong guidance and sweet understanding, provides a safe place for the students to grow in areas of need.

Administration Team

Miss Hilary Nightingale

Miss Hilary Nightingale

Operations Manager
Miss Nightingale's approach to her role in the community is a lovely mixture of professionalism, fun and loving care. She embraces her work with positivity and a 'can do' attitude that is wonderful for students to see in action. Her job is not just the figures, it’s the faces of each of our community members she works with. Her sense of service and compassionate heart provide our community with an efficient, professional. Miss Nightingale is usually the first person you meet when visiting our college as she runs our College tours on a personalised basis. If you are interested in a personalised ‘walk through’ give her a call today.
Mr Gianpiero Battista

Mr Gianpiero Battista

Business Manager
Mr Battista enjoys serving the community wherever is needed, and delights in the students enjoying the beautiful learning environments at Hinterland Christian College. Working with local contractors, Mr Battista endeavours to support the team to provide a uniquely beautiful space for all our community to enjoy. Mr Battista sees his role of service as an opportunity to reflect the servant heart of our Lord and seeks opportunities to build relationships through this caring approach.

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