Primary K – 2

K – 2

Fun learning for your little ones

Freedom To Flourish for our K-2s looks like laying the foundations of literacy and numeracy through fun-focused and creative approaches to learning. Tactile, concrete and imaginative tasks make the learning accessible, whilst providing a safe space for the little ones to take risks and grow in their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

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A week in the life of...

A week in the life of a K-2 student blends the familiar with the unexpected. After connecting with friends the learning day begins with a chance to fuel up on some fruit and connect with the teacher.
Bible time anchors the morning before a literacy focused session builds communication and fine motor skills. A blend of concrete and technology based learning, with a focus on numeracy, makes up the middle of the day before breaking for a fun-filled lunch with friends of all grades out on the oval or the playground. Golden Time in the afternoon provides the chance for the students to investigate a wide variety of topics; from Science to Geography or develop their physical and emotional skills through Drama and Music. Beyond content, a culture of connectedness is fostered through the teacher’s guidance in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Senior student visits involving teaching and mentoring also helps to forge school-wide connections, creating confident and resilient young people.


Library is a wonderful time for students to explore a wide range of books and adventure into unknown worlds, get to know new characters who quickly become friends, and learn something new in the non-fiction world. Students are provided with a Library bag which they personalise and use to keep their borrowed items safe for return the following week.

Friday: Toy Day

Students in the K-2 class are able to bring a toy to school on Fridays.  The idea behind this special time is to allow students to share a little of themselves, likes and interests, with their Hinterland friends. Students are encouraged to share the story attached to their toy and where possible, demonstrate how the toy works. Toys stay in the children's school bags during class time, with morning tea and lunch being the right times to bring out the toys for some extra Friday fun.
Please note: Students are taught that electronic toys or ‘fighting’ toys are not allowed. Parents are encouraged to label the toys to ensure all toys make it home safely.

Child-specific day

News Day

The children will be provided time to talk about an item they bring into school. This is a great opportunity to further develop children’s speaking and listening skills, as they can talk about something which is personal to them.

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