The staff have created a beautiful school culture that is inclusive, loving, supportive and friendly. I love that our kids have formed strong friendships and that they have such a beautiful green environment to spend their breaks in! Our kids are keen to go each day, and that in itself is a huge win!
— Alana - Parent

Junior Primary K-2

Our K-2 classroom is a creative learning space where students are encouraged and celebrated... 

Primary 3-6

Primary learning is one of adventure. The world opens up for these students... 

Secondary 7-10

High School is a place for young people to flourish. The individual is known and supported.

I love the family vibe that Hinterland brings to everyone.
— Allarah Grade 9

What We celebrate

  • Christian Education - a place where students are really supported as individuals with wonderful, deliberate plans for their lives.

  • Family - it's awesome!

  • Learning.

  • Academic growth and achievement.

  • Clear, kind and consistent communication.

  • Positive relationships.

  • Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. Philippians. 4:8

  • The Bible as the Living Word of God .