parent REVIEWS

precious gifts

Hinterland Christian College has given my family three precious gifts;

1. Love and blessings. Two words, it seems to me, that are thrown around quite casually in this shire. My experience at this school has been that love and blessings are beliefs which are practiced in a natural, purposeful and genuine way, daily.

2. Acceptance. Previously attending different schools, our family has found it difficult to integrate into school community. I have found Hinterland


Christian College has no 'cliques', no playground politics, no judgement over food, clothing or technology choices. As a mother, I do not feel pressured by the school or it's community.

3. Education. I believe that the children of this school are being taught the knowledge, social understanding and compassion to face tomorrow's world with a smile on their faces.

We had long heard, through community members, that Hinterland Christian College was an exceptionally unique school. Regrettably, it was not our first choice. In truth, I think we were hesitant about the God bit. I have met parents who practice Christianity, and others who do not, we ourselves are Sikhs. I have felt no judgement over our personal, spiritual beliefs.

We are happy that our daughter is at this school and that she is happy.

Hardeep B.