hamilton island camp

climbing passage peak

We looked out over an endless beautiful blue sea, scattered with islands. As we stood up on the highest point of the island, taking a billion photos, we decided...This was worth it! 

The morning had started very early, well at least for me who doesn't like mornings. I slowly slipped out of bed like a sloth. Flop. Bang. I fell onto the floor. We got ready and headed out to the base of the Point with the music banging.

The walk up was steep with many hills and 502 stairs. We huffed and puffed as our legs grew sore. As we were walking, we saw Ryan (a bird that Jack named). We became despondent. Would we ever reach the top?

From every point on the walk, you could see the stunning views. But only from the top could you see the 360 degree views. The sea was a crystal clear blue, the 'shunshine' on the ocean and danced gracefully, with other islands all around.

The island closest to us, looked like a lobster with no tail, so we called it Lobster Island. I loved the views and it was so fun, but because of the heat we went snorkeling straight after.