hamilton island camp

fun in the 'shunshine'

Warning: Teenage camp-relevant terms included.

The shunshine shone on my previously shady shoulders as I drove in my golf buggy with my top-notch music. The golf buggy halted to a stop and we piled out onto a large grassy flat. This time last year, it was all rocks and they had to level it all out an plant grass for Taylor Swift's top 100 fans event. But in the end...she didn't have it there.

Noice. Noice. Unusual, but noice.
— Grades 9 & 10

Next, we went up a hill and watched the sun set in a red, pink and orange colour. 

We had arrived at the house and were very happy. The teachers then told us which rooms we were staying in and so we ran to unpack. The rooms were large and comfy, cloud-like beds.

Splash! We jumped in the fun-filled pool, followed by Pinkball bouncing along. The speaker floated around blowing splashes of water to the beat. This is the best part of the camp, and the anticipation of having a midnight swim is building today.