hamilton island camp

volunteering at the island nursery

Boom. Boom. Boom. We drove down to the nursery, with music blaring. We had arrived.


On the 13th of September, we went to the Hamilton Island nursery. We took pot plants from small pots and replanted them into bigger pots. So the pile of pot plants grew. After watering them we moved the plants into a different spot in the shade house where the larger plants were.

We successfully re-potted, watered and moved 514 plant. Saving them $5140. We also got to know Pete, one of the people working there.


After working at the nursery, we went to the Robert Oatley College. We learnt about job opportunities and hospitality on Hamilton Island. Mark (our College contact) gave us lollies!

I enjoyed working at the nursery and getting to know Pete and the Robert Oatley College was a real eye opener.