Hamilton Island Camp:

go Karting for the first time


Feel the wind against your face. Hear the sound of the engines as they roar along the track. Smell the rubber on the track as you race around. These are just some of the exciting parts of our Hamilton Island adventure.

As we made our way from our house to the Go Karting track, you could see excitement written all over everyone's faces. It was on! As we waited for our turn, we began getting competitive. Everyone's competitive spirit was showing and what was going to be a race against themselves, quickly became a competition. Who was going to win? Who would go the fastest? And most of all who would win Lilla's licorice lolly prize?

Walking onto the track, it felt like we were real race car drivers, taking their position on the start line. The adrenaline was rushing through my veins as I pressed my foot down on the accelerator. Broom! Off we went as we went slowly for our first lap. The need for speed suddenly kicked into gear and I sped up. The wind was rushing against my face. I couldn't wait to overtake my next victim of speed. As I raced along the straight of the track, I could see who it was going to be. Jack was no more than two meters in front of me. I needed to over take him. Show him that I was going to win. My determination to win had never been so prominent. We came up to a corner in the track, I was going to over take him on the inside, however, he cut in front of my kart. It was the last corner. This had to be the one. This would be where I would overtake Jack. Coming up on the inside of his cart, as he went around the corner, I sped up. As we got back into the straight I finally overtook him. Yes! I was going to win.

I was chilling in front of most people, however, I was unsure where Mr Lake was. I didn't know if he was in front of me, or behind me. While I was thinking of this I had slowed down. Oh no! Jack was overtaking me! The fear of losing to him over took me. The light went on for the last lap and we awaited the results of who had won.

As it turned out, Mr Lake had won and Jack came second. I came third. Mrs G came fourth. Lilla came fifth. Lara came sixth and Sierra came seventh. Even thought the competitiveness was still there, everyone was a winner. No matter where they came. (Not really.)