hamilton island camp

snorkeling at cats-eye beach


Crystal clear aqua water rolling over the crushed shelly sand as the people swim around the coral reef. We walk down Cats Eye Beach to find a little snorkel shack. We get our snorkels and wander to to the salty water. The bright sunshine on the ocean made the water warm. As I step into the water, excitement fills my body as I am about to snorkel for the first time.

The pure clouds are as white as snow providing us shady breaks from the sun. We start swimming slowly out to the reefs and find beautiful, bright, tiny, little fish zipping in and out of the coral. "There's a sea turtle over here!" a couple told us. Gently we swim over to see the turtle and as soon as we saw the turtle our eyes lit up with excitement. It is so big and beautiful. We reach and stroke it's stunning shell. We are amazed at the beauty of the sea turtle. As the turtle swims away we swim over other reefs. We start slowly swimming in, back to the beach. When all of a sudden we spot rainbow fish. They are as blue as the sky, and as green as the grass with scales coloured brightly with purple of red. They are swimming, living rainbows!